Customized push notifications and traffic redirection


One of the most successful ways to return visitors to our site designated Push Web Notifications subscriptions is effectively an added value to our users. With a rate ten times higher than newsletters, the Push Web Notifications tools have come to stay and to streamline our websites and our online stores. By initially retargeting subscriber users, subscribers become "targets" of personalized subscriptions through news, promotions, or special offers, which much more easily leads to conversions.

This article is written following a viable technical marketing plan or advertising strategy and probably some links are used to promote third party companies.

Enable users with push notifications. Engage users with promotions, increase traffic on your site, multiply your sales.

Izooto Push Notification

With a user friendly administration area the Izooto is a powerful tool of Push notifications.
They have all the features, which allows you to gain an advantage over competitors, however the free version only allows to send a monthly 5 notifications to a domain.

With subscriber statistics by device, desktop notifications, mobile notifications, tablet notifications, gives us statistical data for each notification, thus assessing the degree of success for the return of our visitors.

Perfectly integrated with Google Tag Manager, it lets you take full advantage of remarketing, allowing you with a notification, to convert users with abandoned carts into effective clients. The push notification tools we've tested, Izooto is the one with the most potential, especially for online stores and as it was released recently, it brings some tools that other applications in the same area do not contemplate.

Izooto is a MP partner, however in our web site we use Push Alert.
Izooto is much more functional and profitable thanks to its remarketing tools. If your case is an online store we advise you to use Izooto.
If you need any help you could report us in comments.

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