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Nowadays any company, project, product or service is aimed at by the entrepreneurs to position themselves in first in Google and first in the search engines.
To show how it is possible, we propose with this article to be the first in the google search engine and achieve the same goal in the other search engines, in Portuguese and English languages, and for this, we will use some advises to reach Google algorithms and use tools to achieve the goal in 3 weeks with the keywords "first on google" and "first on search engines" .
From now on, I can tell you that it will not be an easy task. Firstly, the domain already had PR1, however and by the lack of time to write articles, there have been many in recent times the Domain Authority is nothing special. Secondly because there are several competing articles, because the idea and the final goal have to be reached and keep the article placed

SERP - first on Googlein the first position on google for weeks, months or years if necessary. And for that I will also need your help. YOU WILL ALSO PARTICIPATE AND KEEP THIS ARTICLE AS THE FIRST OF GOOGLE.

One of the first situations that we should check is if there is work already done in this field and from what we analyzed that there is already some articles (let's say, very well written), but I will not refer them here with links, because one of important aspects are backlinks * . If you put links here to these sites, you would be reinforcing them in their importance. However I will put an image to prove that today's date, the articles by the "be first on google search" are these ones, and that our aim is even to wring them out from this position. This result page is called SERP's **
A few years ago to this part the concern of the entrepreneurs / managers were:
I need a website, because my competitors also have and people say it is a great source of income
3 very severe missteps in the same sentence.
  • "I must have a website" - Your company, project, product or service does not have to have a website, you must do so when, you have important and relevant content to be transmitted to the customer, consumer or user as an added value of Information or usability to achieve an end. Never try to make a website just only to do so, without having the objectives and KPIs well defined.
  • "Because the competition also has" - If the competitors have one, does not mean that you should also have one too, for example the telesales will always sell more for television than the internet, because that is the nature of the business. 
    If you have a local business such as a convenience store, you will always have more advantage than the supermarkets when it comes to affective proximity to customers and by itself will not make a site for Mrs. MAry from 2nd Left to visit your site and know the products you have in store.
  • "Is a great source of income" - It depends on what we are analyzing, because it can be a great source of expense, pay the site programmer, pay the content manager, pay the marketing manager, pay an SEO consultant, pay everything just to have 10 products for sale on the website and do not appear on organic level in the search engines. And since we do not show up at Google first, we pay for keywords to appear in the ad units or in Google Shopping. Think twice because you'll be halfway through any of these steps.
At this point the serious entrepreneurs and managers who want to have some results, already look at what I like to call "the train wheels" to reach the first place in Google. Yes, and these "train wheels" called "algorithms" are more than two hundred, and of course we will not talk about this, because the focus is on reaching the first place in Google. However I can assure you that by writing this article, a few dozen tools are incorporated to achieve these goals, and only Google tools are more than a dozen, some from Bing/Yahoo, Alexa etc etc.
To return to the analysis of competitors to this article I note that most of them include in the texts themselves phrases like "for you who are looking for the "cat jump" to get first in Google search, give up". Of course the purpose of what is written in these competitive articles is to hire your services to improve the optimization of your sites in search engines and mainly put products or services first in Google.
I say no , you must have some work, but anyone can do it, if improving some aspects slowly can have some short-term results and consistent results in the long term, it is necessary to lose some time and never give up. It is necessary to know case studies of success, read competitors, follow the correct steps, use the right tools (WHITE SEO), do not use the tools not recommended (BLACK SEO), and "feed" the site and/or social networks. And will verify that you also gets the achivement of "be first on google".

Be the first on Google and its importance !!!

SEO - ser o primeiro no Google

The first three results are all good, the top three positions have a high relevance ratio, but being the first is really special. As in everything in life it shows experience, work, and recognition. This seems to become immortal, but the bad news is like everything in life either feeds or you will be uprooted and to keep us first on Google or first on the search engines you need to keep in mind the following image .
Videos, descriptions, metatags, cost us a lot of time but are eternal. Campaigns costs money and are ephemeral.
Search engines gives value to this and if we add the fact that we should constantly feed them, we keep this article always up to date and on top.
To reach the "be first on google" or "first on search engines" goal, we will need your help to comment our article and ask us questions. Of course we could write all the knowledge to be applied to reach the goal more quickly, but Google greatly appreciates feedback from users, such as voting or commenting, so if you want to participate, just vote in this article and/or comment or put your questions in the comments box, because we want to help everyone to clarify how to use toolstechniques to be used in the construction of written articles or saling productsrelationships between blogs , websites and social networks and resources for investment in advertising campaigns.
But remember "campaigns costs money" and do not put you first in Google, and has a lack of influence on organic searches.
I am leaving you the challenge of asking your questions about how to be the first on Google or the search engines? You can ask questions about CMS platforms for building websites or blogs, modules to implement, SEO / SEM tools to use in building sites, what is the sitemap, what is robots.txt , custom 404 errorpage redirection Broken or refluxed? Google tools or bing tools or other search engines tools, what is adwordsanalytics (what metrics should I analyze), and many other things to become visible ....
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So the purpose of this article is to get first on Google and first on other search engines.

important notes:
  • In the first version this article did not used video content, now we inserted video sample, so we try to increase search engine by 35%.
  • In this article metatags are being used and all images have title.
  • There is no linked backlinks on this article's by the release date, neither internal nor external.
  • Markers are being used throughout the site.
  • You can add your company on our directory and insert a backlink from our page to your website! Make registration login and click here!
Backlinks * - These are external links that point to our site.
SERP ** - SERP - Search Engine Results Page is a list of web pages returned by a search engine in the response of a query by a keyword.
KPI's *** - These are key performance indicators with measurable values ​​that shows how effectively your business is achieving key business goals.
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