Since august 2015 I was using coinbase. Was my first wallet, very trustworth and I never had any problem till two weeks ago.

As they have started to make some fees on transfers (I remember the bitcoin was made to micro payments), and I usually like to make some trading with coins, I started reading about GDAX (a coinbase company partner or owner), looking forward to have less fees on buying cryptocoins.

I made a registration on GDAX with all my personal data and at the end of the day, I had an email saying my coinbase account was closed and I should tranfer all my funds to other wallets.

Getting access to the page of account closure, I made all coin transfers to another wallets, less my Euros, because it do not show up my registered bank account.

I tryied email support, and twitter support, I really do not like to be accused of anything ilegal, if I do not know what I have violated and it's an abuse and a lack of confidence from coinbase, Closing my account without any justification of the company, only saying that I violated something - " A Financial Services Business regulated by FinCEN (FinCEN.gov), and for the control of our objectives, we are legally obliged to implement regulatory compliance mechanisms. "

I only used coinbase to be connected to faucethub, faucetsystem, faucetgames, faucets, etc. Never bought nothing ilegal.

I had to on a rush transfer fast my 3 coins to another wallets and as you know there is no other wallet with the 3 coins (I don't know). As so, I had to fastly create another wallets separatedly to receive my ethereums and litcoins... (God sake, what a night).

I have thousands of referrals systems with thems address, and referred coinbase to a lot of friends of mine, and now I am worried if the same thing can happened to them.

I really think was my registration on GDAX, but this is a very bad situation and we should be worried about the freedom of this companies.

Take your conclusions. My conclusion is that, this is not a way to work. 

Snapshot of closure account.

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