The importance of packaging as a web marketing tool


When we speak of Amplified Product it is an expression used in the marketing fild  to designate a set of characteristics of the product and/or services and that it relieves additional characteristics for the consumer instead the Expected Product. One of the marketing and product enhancement features is PACKAGING, a brand and after-sales service.
Packaging is the first effective contact of the customer with the product and will stand out as one of the main means of communication of a brand or a product. Allied to a series of features, which encompass packaging such as design, differentiation through additional value, product preservation, ease of use or preservation of the environment by choosing the most suitable and related materials with own Product, and can even serve as a souvenir or give it to a second use. A packaging will create an identity with the consumer and facilitate an interaction. It is as if it were love at first sight, or if it has, or it will never be at first sight.
Many of the companies follow the premise that the packaging serves only for storage and transportation, and it is perceived that few resources for investigations, however, since it is a packaging plays a key role in building brand identity, results Of sales And no consumer behavior.
By the eficiency of comunication by the package it is necessary to understand the perception of its consumers have about your product. It is also verified how packaging is actually effective as a communication tool. And that the very constitution of the packaging materials, the design of the packaging and the care with the aspects like ambiental care are preponderant.

Raw materials

The Brazilian website shows us in this graphic the numbers of the gross value per market segment and shows us that plastic remains the main choice in packaging. In Portugal the situation will not be anything different, but it reveals that companies begin to have more options of choice and a great diversification of Materials.
This article is written following a viable marketing plan or advertising strategy and probably some links are used to promote thirdy party partners.

Pointing to the need for companies to "re-engineer" marketing, more and more differentiation and customization are of extreme relevance. Quality and trust are very important. And the packaging evidence these potentiality.
Based on computer tools to establish a more interactive connection with the client, communicate the personality of a company in order to create a unique presence and make it perfectly visible. Generating a strong identity and creating a unique and qualitative vision through good communication will always be interactive and not just with product information. It was with this vision that one of the companies implemented in Portugal for more than a decade offers to the market a panoply of choices and options of personalization.

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